We got ourselves an advisor!

16 February 2017

Advisory boards, we at the Mobile Institute theorized, was something that large, slow-moving companies have. We had more important business at hand, so we said we’d get around to it later.

And later became months and then years. When we finally decided we should probably get one we discussed a lot. What for? Who? When? We came to the conclusion that we needed an advisor just because we craved perspectives. We wanted the diversity of opinion and the experience that could help us to improve. An advisor, we said, probably has qualities which our board of directors don't have (don't fire the CEO for me writing this).

So does our new advisor (his name is Piers by the way) add real value?


We are hoping for more networking opportunities and much-needed advice, but most importantly that he (and the other to come) will give us something that is priceless: an outside perspective.

So, let me introduce Piers Bearne!

He is a business media entrepreneur, investor and adviser based in London, UK. A former Managing Director of Terrapinn and Chief Executive of Clarion Conferences, he launched The Wireless Event in 2002 and sold it to Imago Group in 2006.

Piers is now co-founder and Chairman of Global Transport Forum, Bio-Based World News and GFC Media Group. Through GTF, he co-founded Tank World Expo in 2012 and sold it to ArtexisEasyfairs in 2015. He has also led or advised on six acquisitions of niche business media companies, and currently advises the owners of Osney Media, Leaders in Sport and RCR Wireless / http://industrialiot5g.com/. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of The Literary Consultancy in London. 

And now he's an Advisory board member of Mobile Institute too. Yay!

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