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9 December 2016

It’s known that people investing in clean energy changes their behavior as they start  getting response from their investment. Many become more conscious of how they use energy and starts to buy in to more energy efficient equipment or even start eating organic. Solar energy in particular has the benefit of being produced and harnessed the moment when we use it the most: during daytime using the sunlight. 

Recent research from energy giant E.ON shows that solar powered clean energy has become a “feel-good” source of energy. 4 out of 5 people in Sweden say they want it. However, investing in solar is still a relatively big step for many people. Today you must own a house or find joint solutions with others. Today most investments is not below 3000 SEK. 

This is why we created Watt-S, the winning solution at the Smart City Sprint Hack arranged by City of Stockholm and Mobile Institute in June this year.

Watt-s is an ahead-of-the-competition solution which makes it easier for people to switch to solar energy. By installing solar panels on roofs with exposure to sunlight and advantageous and scalable installation benefits, we can offer individuals an easy way to pay only for the amount of Watt’s they actually use. You can even just power your smartphone with clean solar energy! By downloading our application you will get real time information on how much your panels produce and when. As a side effect you’ll get that good feeling that you actually produce your own energy! 

Watt-s is also a part of a research project which explores the possibility to create more engagement by co-owning solar panels with peers.


Join the solar energy revolution and sign up for Watt-s today. Buy a gift card and inspire friends and family to power their smartphones with clean, solar powered energy for 15 years. What a perfect Christmas gift, we’d say! 

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